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4An avid reader and writer from an early age, J.M. Peace wanted to be a writer. So she studied journalism figuring this would be a way of turning a passion into a job. Her career as a print journalist failed after a single year, and the experience completely sucked the joy out of writing for her. So she took a complete change of direction and became a police officer. Over the past twenty years, she has served throughout south-east Queensland in a variety of different capacities, including Intelligence and CIB.

After her children were born, the dangers and stresses of the job made it unappealing. In the search for a new career path, she returned to her childhood dream. Carving a spare hour out of every day, she wrote the manuscript for A Time To Run whilst juggling her family commitments, police work and running a household.

A Time To Run was published by Pan Macmillan Australia on July 1, 2015. The sequel, The Twisted Knot was released on July 1, 2016. A Time To Run was translated into German as Die Hatz and Spanish as La Cacería. There has been strong interest from producers interested into turning it into a movie/ TV series.

Jay currently lives on the Sunshine Coast with her partner, wrangling her two cheeky children, a badly behaved dog and an anti-social cockatiel. Although she travelled extensively when she was younger, these days she is just happy if she makes it as far as the beach on the weekend. Her current goals are trying to teach her children to surf and finishing her next book.

Jay is astounded and delighted in equal parts by words of encouragement from strangers. You can connect with her at on Facebook at JM Peace Author, Twitter at @jmpeaceauthor and Goodreads at JM Peace.

5 thoughts on “About the author

  1. I just received your book on NetGalley and am excited to get started. I will be posting my review on NetGalley, Amazon, and Goodreads as soon as I’ve completed it. However, I am having an all Aussie month in October (October in OZ) and will feature it on my blog at that time. Congratulations on the recent release!


  2. I have just randomly discovered your two books – featured above. I bought the kindle of – TIME TO RUN. the language and scene setting is brilliant! I am hooking into it, and will let you know how I finish up with it. I don’t often read too many Australian authors, yet have in this last year – discovered some rare finds through friends of friends. I am now – completely hooked and always on the search for that chance – Australian – find. A book with some originality and punch.




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