‘A Time To Run’


ATTR_cover_frontA Time To Run is a crime novel written with the voice of authenticity by a serving police officer. Set in south east Queensland, it details the abduction of Sammi Willis, a police officer who thought she could look after herself. Despite this, she falls into the hands of a dangerous psychopath, who takes her to isolated bushland to hunt her like an animal. Detective Senior Constable Janine Postlewaite doesn’t know Sammi personally, but cops stick together and she follows up the investigation with tenacity and persistence. While Sammi is hunted by a killer, Janine pieces together the clues that will lead her to Sammi. It becomes a race against time as Sammi’s colleagues try to unravel the evidence before the killer’s sadistic game comes to a fatal end. This is a fast-paced story, using genuine and plausible police procedures.

A Time To Run is available through all bookstores and also online as an ebook. It won the ‘Special Judges’ Award’ in the 2016 Davitt Awards. It has been optioned by an Australian film production company.

Purchase the ebook through Amazon here and other ebook retailers.


6 thoughts on “‘A Time To Run’

  1. Just some quick feedback on your novel. It was a very good read, kept you engaged and interested. However a couple of things that were very implausible. Just could not believe that the husband of the victim would be drinking beer and eating ‘snags’ at a police function whilst his partner was missing and he was a ‘suspect’. And, it seemed highly implausible that someone would only get 5 years jail for kidnap given the context and circumstances involved. Otherwise, I would recommend the book to others.


    • Hi Mal, thanks for the feedback. I’m always interested in what people think of my stories. By way of explanation, the BBQ at the station is generally known as a debrief and is a way that coppers often come together in times of stress. Gavin was invited because no one at the station who knew him considered him as a suspect. The inadequacy of the sentence was my own little comment on the way the judicial system seems to function in Queensland. I really hope the offender would be given a much harsher penalty in real life!


  2. Hi,
    I desperately want to read your book, A Time To Run, but I can’t find a copy available in any format anywhere, including eBay. I live in the US but I’m able to purchase most books published in Australia without any difficulty. Further, I can purchase your other book, The Twisted Knot, from several places at present.
    I’ve been searching for months but have been unsuccessful. Do you know why this is, and more importantly, do you know where I might be able to find a copy to purchase?


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